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Calls up to 6 emergency contacts sequentially in your preferred order

Press the SOS help button and the pendant will vibrate and announce in English “Your mobile alert has been activated. Click the SOS button to cancel the emergency alert”. You’ll hear this for 20 seconds within which time you can click the SOS button to cancel the call sequence. This is designed to stop false alarms. If you don’t cancel the emergency text and call sequence within 20 seconds the mobile alarm begins to text your GPS location and call your contacts in your chosen order. The wearer talks and listens hands free through the pendant.


Sends help text messages to up to 6 emergency contacts

As well as calling all contacts the pendant will send a help text message with your exact location included overlaid on Google Maps to each person when the contact number is a mobile phone. You can choose to have no calls and text message alerts only.


Sends the GPS location of the pendant to up to 6 emergency contacts

Each of the help text messages contain a link to Google Maps with the pendant location via the inbuilt GPS. Location accuracy of 2.5 yards. Uses uBlox 8 GPS technology providing the best position available from GPS and GLONASS.


You can have ‘911’ as one of the emergency contacts

If you wish you can make ‘911’ as one of the emergency contacts for the help call. ‘911’ will not receive the help text message though.


Pendant automatically calls and answers in speakerphone mode

Hands free communication through the in-built microphone and speakerphone with clear, high quality audio. 4GX has excellent indoor signal penetration making it the best available solution for communicating in buildings with this walls, basements and valleys.


Side talk button makes a phone call to the first contact

At any time the wearer can press the side talk button and make a call to a nominated contact using the speakerphone mode. A voice will announce “Calling contact number 1” before your alarm makes the call.


Anyone knowing the phone number can call the pendant

Someone can call the mobile phone number of the pendant and talk to the wearer through the in-built speaker and microphone. The mobile alarm will answer automatically in 2 way voice after one ring. No buttons on the alarm are needed to be pressed.


Send a text message to the pendant to find outs it’s location via GPS

If you wish to you can send a simple text message to the pendant and you will receive a reply text showing the wearer’s location on Google Maps. Accurate to within 2.5 yards.


Any of the emergency contacts can be changed at any time

The Mobile Alarm’s contacts be can easily changed by sending text messages to it’s mobile phone number.


Fall detection text messages sent to emergency contacts

The Mobile Alarm contains a fall detection feature. When a fall is detected, it will vibrate and a voice will announce “Fall has been detected, click the SOS button to cancel the fall alert sequence” for 20 seconds before sending text messages and making the SOS-help calls.


Optional low battery messages sent to emergency contacts

You can choose to have a ‘low battery’ warning text message send to the first contact when the battery falls to 10% charge. The default is that the ‘low battery’ warning is on. This can be turned off by an easy sms message. After 4 days or so the battery will get to 20%. A voice will announce “Your battery is getting low. Now might be a good time to recharge your battery”. If the battery gets to 10% the mobile alarm will send a low battery text message reminder to the first contact. It only takes 20 minutes in the supplied charging cradle and you’ll be good to wear your mobile alarm for another five days.


Optional wandering help messages sent to emergency contacts

The Mobile Alarm has a Geo Fencing feature that allows warning text messages to be sent if the wearer strays outside a defined area such 200 yards or 500 yards. Ideal for some people suffering from dementia. Please ask us for more information.


Program the pendant by sending it text messages

After you receive your Mobile Alarm you are able to change settings and turn features on and off by sending simple text messages to the mobile phone number of the pendant.


Waterproof – wear it in the shower or rain

The Mobile Alarm is waterproof so it can be worn in the shower or the rain. It is also dust proof and can be used in dusty or rugged locations with care.


Supplied with convenient charging station

The included home charging beacon allows the wearer to place it in there when it needs to be recharged. When placed into the charger properly a voice will announce “Your mobile alarm is charging”. Have some questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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