Live Life Mobile Alarm Testimonials

Live Life Alarms surpasses the next competitor in service by providing a quality product!
Celeste Howell, Veterans Affairs
When I order from Live Life Alarms, the Purchase Orders always seem to be processed in a very timely manner. Notifications that your company has processed my orders come to me in emails just shortly after I place the orders along with the invoices. When I call your company to inquire about POs, invoices or billing information, I am always greeted courteously and helped with my questions. Will continue to order from your company in the future!
Gregory H, Veterans Affairs
We purchased this unit for use by my mother-in-law. The unit arrived when promised and it was fully pre-programmed. It has been performing flawlessly. It is a well-made device. It has good volume and sound. It has a great set of features and capabilities – including transportable, call-in capability, etc. It is reliable and it is easy to adjust the programmable features via simple user initiated text messages. The fact that the unit operates using a pre-paid cellular account makes on-going costs much more affordable. I have had excellent technical support from the company. What is really impressive is that over the four months we have had the unit, some “enhancements” we had noted to the company have actually been implemented. They are really customer-oriented. I have recommended this company to friends and relatives.
John Marczak, January 9th, 2018.
I called to order an alarm for my father last week in hopes that it would arrive in time for Christmas. Low and behold it has already arrived!!
We are over the moon happy that dad now feels safer on his own.
Robyn, December 19th, 2019.

Veteran Testimonial

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I recommend this device for all Veterans . Live life can program it to call 911 for you along with any family member, friend you request to check on you, to see if your alright. You pick any of 5 numbers you want pre programed to it ( Family, friends, 911). It has a SOS call button and fall detection. Also it sends texts to the loved ones you request and they can even talk to you through the device. And it’s free through the VA healthcare network with no activation fees or monthly charge.
Thomas E Kielar, USA Veteran, November 26th, 2019.
I have been a customer for a little over a year and needed to call in with a question about one of the functions of my alarm, I got the answers I needed right away and was also informed of their new 4G device and all its new features. We decided to try out the new device based on that it now has a smart voice feature that speaks to you. While I didn’t really ever have any problems with my original device, I am enjoying the new model much more as it is a little easier to understand what it is doing because it verbally tells you now.
Michelle Johnson, January 10th, 2020
The Live Life Personal Mobile Unit is the best…..the most inexpensive way to help support the safety of an elderly person… pricey monthly monitoring fee. And… still provides excellent peace of mind back up protection for your loved one. It is one of the few that have a built in speaker that even a hard of hearing person can hear clearly… need for a wireless speaker to place somewhere. On top of this, the over the phone support I needed to get it all up and running was there from the beginning and continues. In short………….the unit itself, the price and over the phone support, I think, would be hard to beat.
David Chivers of Toronto
David Chivers, November 2nd, 2017.
I am so happy that I received my Live Life Alarms medical alert pendant. I never had falling issues before. But after slipping on water on the kitchen floor, I was home bound and in excruciating pain for over one month. My hips were weak and I have had a couple falls since then. I realized that although I am only 63 years old and can get around okay, I now needed a mobile alarm with a fall detector for some peace of mind when I’m alone. Live Life Alarms has a device that has everything I need and I paid for it up front and am saving a lot of money. I only pay around $9 a quarter for the minutes it needs to take it around everywhere and have it call and text message alerts when I fall or when I push the button. It calls directly to my family and I know they will get my location when it sends them the text message alerts. It just didn’t make sense to me to keep paying for one of the monthly payment units. I love the security that I am given with Live Life Alarms unit and not having to pay $50 or more a month for similar features. I can go anywhere and feel protected and anyone can call me through my device. It picks up automatically! I recommend this product over any other device.
Jennifer Jorgenson, October 4th, 2017. Centreville, UT.
Customer Service is great and I LOVE the device. The comfort I feel knowing I am notified right away when my father has a fall or ANY medical emergency, is priceless!
S Jensen, January 1st, 2020. Salt Lake City, UT.
Thank you for your prompt service and Mom and I are very happy with the alarm and pendants, it is exactly what we needed,
Vivian Greenland, Helena, MO